Other school ranking sites don't tell the truth about your schools. They don’t acknowledge the makeup of your student body when analyzing test scores, resulting in biased school ratings.

We bring transparency and fairness to school rankings which helps change public perception about underrated schools.



Our unique ranking metrics deliver more transparent and fair data so the public can make good decisions based on real comparisons. Other ranking sites are showing only part of the picture - with test scores alone acting as a major factor - and do not compare apples to apples. The end result is this misleading, biased, and discriminatory data guides family school decisions and public perceptions of your district.

We are providing a way for districts to have an honest conversation that reframes and celebrates outperforming schools.

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SchoolSparrow REBRANDS School Districts

Test scores are only one indicator of school quality, but they need to be taken in context. We account for the socio-economic profile of each school and make adjustments accordingly.

Kids in diverse environments develop better teamwork skills, better problem solving skills, more empathy and acceptance towards others.


Adjustments for special populations, like LEP/CWD students, are necessary for a fair comparison of schools.


Appropriately adjusted student performance data reveals dozens of high quality schools in areas that are otherwise overlooked.

I was absolutely overjoyed to hear that LSES made the Top 30 Hidden Gems in the metro Atlanta area.  For the past 13 years, the school, its students, staff, and community have been my heart and my reason for getting up every day.  While many leaders at high poverty schools complain about the lack of parental support, I had parents who made their children's education a top priority.  Over 30% of the student body speak a language other than English at home and I always told them that they were smarter than the average kids because not only were they learning to read, write, and compute but they were also learning English at the same time.  The kids are amazing!!  I also attribute much of the growth that the students made over the years to the fact that we are a family.  While we might look different and might not be related, we are family.  We celebrated our differences along with the various cultures and languages represented among the students and staff.  Our diversity makes us stronger!!

- Principal Marchant, Atlanta Public Schools




We Analyze Your School

Using our unique algorithm, we control for variables that  test scores cannot, painting a complete - and fair - picture of your schools.


We Create Content

Using our findings, we create content around your schools that shifts the narrative so that existing and potential community members see your students' success.


We Distribute The Message

Using the content we created around your schools, we leverage paid and organic channels, as well as hyper-local influencers to tell the true story of your schools.


At our core, we are here to bring transparency and fairness to the way schools are ranked. In order to do that, we need to first, explain the problem. Most families do want what's best for their child, and fall victim to the fallacy that test scores are a good indicator of quality. They move far away from urban areas to be able to afford a "good education," while missing on amazing opportunities close to their jobs and within cities. Then, we need to increase awareness of how your school is over performing. We do this a few ways, all outlined here:



We work with your administration to review our data, and couple that with your "on-the-ground" insight to create profiles of your high-performing schools. This helps create additional awareness through organic search ranking, social media posts, and our own blog posts. Coupling those outlets with our unique approach to leveraging "micro" influencers, we generate interest in your schools that drive attendance and funding.


Teaching to a test doesn't work. When we see schools consistently outranking other ranking systems through our proprietary algorithm that controls for parent income, diversity, LEP, and special needs students, we know that that's because of amazing teachers supported by forward-thinking administration. We profile the teachers that are driving success for students in and out of the classroom to enhance retention, increase morale, and honor their commitment to their students. Shared on search and social channels, these "feel good" stories increase visibility and trust.


We coordinate interviews and "behind the scenes" shoots to illustrate what your faculty is doing on a daily basis. These videos become key to our overall distribution strategy, being leveraged across blog posts as well as paid and organic social media.


With new messaging in place around your schools' successes, and new content being shared across social media, search engines, podcasts, and more digital channels, we establish a style guide that your schools can use to ensure they are in control of their narrative of success.


Do you know how your families feel about your faculty? Or how your faculty feels about your administration? Our approach to surveying key stakeholders ensure that the successes seen in the classroom are properly understood by parents, and enhance the synergy of what's going on to support students within the school administration, classroom, and home.


We can provide our parent income and LEP/CWD adjusted scores to districts for their internal school metrics. If straight test scores are being used for those metrics right now, then there could be some inequity in those metrics.


We've developed a core competency of creating GIS interfaces, where parents can find their 'assigned schools' and administrators can provide access for people to download the data. This will bring more prospective community members to your school sites, where they can see the full story of your schools.


"It is gratifying when our work is recognized. In 2016, Pawtucketville was a nationally recognized Title 1 Distinguished School. The ranking from School Sparrow is important because it also acknowledges the strength of our diversity and great teaching.

School rankings can capture important metrics but I have never seen one that can measure the unquantifiable human connection that makes a kid love her school.  Popularly published rankings tend to ignore data about how a particular school functions and feels.  This bias shadows urban schools from more positive spotlights despite the reality that urban educators advance innovative teaching and curriculum.

The Pawtucketville communities‘ pursuit of a more perfect school is our natural rhythm.  The recognition is valued but our primary motivation is to educate students. The kids, teachers, families, administrators, paraprofessionals, cafeteria employees, custodial staff, and community partners all collaborate to make Pawtucketville work.  We earn the recognition as a team and the mission to make school better for kids continues.

Our best school year is ahead."

- Dr. McLean, Pawtucketville Elementary, Lowell MA


If you're ready to learn more about how our ranking system brings greater transparency to the success of your classrooms, and how we can help you put a spotlight on the programs that are working for your students, you can request a demo.